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About Us


At Etika Logika, we view therapy as a journey into self-understanding and growth. That's why at Etika Logika we use our expertise to create a personalized healing plan and also coordinate services with experienced professionals in their respective fields, to help balance your Mind, Body and Soul. 



Elissa Lafranconi, MA, LCPC

Ciao Etika Community Members!

My name is Elissa Lafranconi and I am the Founder & Mind Services Director of Etika Logika. I’m originally from Friuli, a small region in the Northeastern part of Italy. I share a deep love of nature, horses, unicorns, homemade food, (especially Italian carbs) and the Human Experience. I love applying philosophy, literature, the arts, and the beauty of languages as personable guides in my current human adventure. I created Etika Logika as a medium to help people understand themselves through physical, mental and emotional exploration. It sets up individuals to continue growth and sharing the infinite beauty of the human experience to build meaningful connections with each other.

Stephanie Henschen, MA, LCPC
(Clinical Director)

Greetings Etika Community Members!

My name is Stephanie Henschen, Clinical Director at Etika Logika . I grew up in Sebring, Ohio, a small village that is known for pottery. As a young girl, I played basketball and was blessed to have a coach and role-model that took the time to teach lessons that would be necessary throughout my life. She taught me resiliency, determination, humility, style, grace, and the importance of education and gave unconditionally to our small community (and continues 43 years later). My therapeutic style is client-centered, strengths-based, and team-oriented. A sense of community is the foundation for connectedness and provides purpose. 
I am looking forward to introducing Floki and Schnuggie my Yorkipoos...stay tuned for more to come!


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*If this is a mental health or medical emergency please contact 911.
(Suicide Hotline: 800-273-8255)

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