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MENtoring Programs

About Tayler Murray

My approach to mentoring has been influenced by my continuous openness to learn from life's many challenges and blessings. I value hard work, honesty and discipline. Values that I practice daily in my professional and personal life, (playing video games), as well as in my bodybuilding practice.  My experiences in the military, security contracts, as father, loving partner, bodybuilding competitor, and trips to Italy have influenced my passion for self-growth and supporting others.


My philosophy on mentoring is that when we are too close to the elephant, its hard to get an objective perspective, and thus, it may be necessary to take a step back through the lens of someone you trust to gain a broader perspective. I hope to provide that source of support and broader perspective to help you grow from within!

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Mentoring Services

  • Individual Supportive Life Coaching                            (Youth 12+ & Adults):    $80 (60min.)

  • Group Mentoring Programs (Customized to your Group's needs)   Starting at $150 per hr.


For scheduling or more information:

702-527-1240  (call or text)

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